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Pressure Vessels

High Pressure Equipment Company manufactures and designs a wide variety of pressure vessels and reactors.
Since 1952, Midwest Imperial Steel Fabricators has been a leader in the fabrication of ASME code pressure vessels, reactors and storage tanks for chemical, food processing and petrochemical industries, among others.
For 67 years, The American Tank & Fabricating Company has been custom-fabricating thick, large or heavy plate steel products: pressure vessels and shells, flame- and laser-cut parts, custom formed shapes, hollow structurals, crane booms, tower sections, frame rails, cylinders, weldments, etc.
Over 50 years West Warwick Welding has been custom designing and fabricating pressure vessels & ASME tanks to fit customer requirements: filter, storage and holding tanks and vessels; mobile, modular and process vessels; large-scale, horizontal, vertical and rectangular tanks; deaerators and more.
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