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Fractional Horsepower Motors

Bison Gear & Engineering is a leading manufacturer of fractional horsepower gear motors, universal motors, PMDC motors, DC motors with permanent magnets, right angle gear motors, variable speed constant- torque AC gear motors, shunt motors and more.
Dumore Corporation is a leading designer of DC motors, custom fractional horsepower motors, gear motors and universal electric motors.
OEM manufacturer of 3.3", 3.6” & 6" diameter PMDC motors, 12 to 240 volts, 1/50HP to 5HP, 400 to 10,000RPM, battery or rectified AC powered, variable speed and reversible in standard or custom designs for OEMs worldwide.
RAE Corporation manufactures a broad range of fractional horsepower motors.
Schulze manufactures a wide range of products that includes fractional horsepower motors, hysteresis-type DC motors and variable speed motors.
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