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Cold-Headed Parts

Specializing in cold formed parts, Bigelow Components Corporation manufactures cold headed screws, cold headed bolts, cold headed rivets, cold headed pins, cold headed wire forms and special fasteners for a variety of industries.
Cold Headed Fasteners & Assemblies specializes in manufacturing special cold headed parts, cold headed fasteners, cold headed pins and cold formed OEM custom parts.
EPS is a cold heading manufacturer. We specialize in special bolts, cold headed screws, cold headed rivets, cold headed pins & special fasteners.
Global manufacturer, specializing in ferrous and nonferrous custom-engineered Cold Formed Parts and RWMA welding electrodes.
We are in business to manufacture specialized standard or custom cold headed parts—cold headed fasteners, our Clamp-Fast terminal screw for electronic products, Form-Fast thread forming screws, headed and nonheaded plus threaded and nonthreaded cold headed screws.
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