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What Would The World Be if Without Noise Control Equipment?

April 2nd, 2013 10:18 pm

Imagine a world with no noise control devices or legislation. Most of us do not think about noise problems until we have to deal with devices that have faulty noise control components or when we’re stuck in traffic next to a vehicle with a broken muffler. If there were suddenly no way to control the noise made by manmade inventions, the noise levels in many parts of the world would be unbearable. Thankfully, in most cases, acoustic testing is performed on products before they are allowed to hit the market. If an undesirable noise is produced by the product, it’s back to the drawing board to find a way to reduce or eliminate the noise.

*Noise Control for Vehicles
Since vehicles have so many moving parts, a lot of work goes into reducing their noise output. Methods for minimizing noise output must be determined before a vehicle is made. By performing acoustic testing during the design phase of a particular make and model of vehicle, the finished product will rarely produce noise output problems.

*Tracking the Pathway of Noise
In addition to finding solutions for controlling the noise levels of certain products, some devices, such as large plant machinery, require acoustic testing that extends beyond the machinery itself. Large machinery may be equipped with acoustic “mufflers” that reduce noise at the source. However, large plant machinery often causes reverberations throughout buildings that can cause noise problems in other locations. For this reason, the pathway of the noise must be tracked and solutions for controlling the noise must be put into place.

*Everyday Products
Think about all of the appliances in your home that are equipped with moving parts. In order for these appliances to last, they must be designed with vibration control in mind. Vibration control also helps to reduce the amount of noise that the appliances make. Without vibration and noise control, your home may not be the peaceful oasis that you wish it to be. Fortunately, there are many components made by innovative engineers these days that ensure that modern devices run as smoothly and quietly as possible.

The list of noise suppression devices currently available is endless. A few notable examples include K60 Series Compression Mounts that are used for a variety of applications, including for use in HVAC equipment, compressors, generators, motors, rail transportation, fans, portable power equipment, trucks, lift systems, buses, pumps, centrifuges, food processing equipment, and much more. K60 Mounts are even used in locations that are susceptible to earthquakes for seismic protection devices.

Vibro-Insulator Pads are commonly used to control noise and vibration in heavy machinery and equipment. The pads offer a simple solution for reducing noise and vibration, and can be customized for many applications involving heavy machinery and equipment.

Noise control devices range from simple, cost-effective products to expensive devices that involve a great deal of innovative engineering. The next time that you are sitting at home or are out for a walk, consider all of the various products around you that may include noise reducing components.

Industry Popular for July 2012

July 24th, 2012 12:27 am

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